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Tuesday 2nd September 2014
Fixture Update
Having finalised the arrangements earlier today, Belle Vue can now confirm the following fixtures:-

Belle Vue v Swindon - Wednesday, September 10th
Belle Vue v Eastbourne (double-header) - Monday September 15th.

Dates for Belle Vue v Kings Lynn and Belle Vue v Coventry to be confirmed.

Tuesday 2nd September 2014
A Tough Lesson Learned
Belle Vue are still reeling from the shock of last night's hefty home defeat at the hands of Coventry, and insist it's a tough lesson they simply must learn from.

Disappointment was rife as the Rentruck Aces surrendered one heat advantage after another, with their plight hitting its critical point when both of their tactical rides flopped.

The visitors boldly took advantage of every misfortune their opponents suffered, and the home side's failure to adequately respond saw their confidence plummet.

Matej Zagar and Craig Cook battle with Kenneth Hansen  (HB)

Team manager Jason Attwood admitted he was left "speechless" and "shell-shocked" in the wake of his sides' 56-36 thumping.

But his sentiments mirrored those of skipper Scott Nicholls' as he described the crucial performance of his reserves as being a factor in their downfall.

He said: "I am completely lost for words! Coventry were beaten heavily at Leicester on Sunday but they really came out fighting last night; I am just shell-shocked, and I honestly don’t know what to say.

“We shouldn’t be where we are in the table with the quality of riders that we have got. I took gates two and four from the start, which I was criticised for not doing a couple of weeks ago, and that didn’t work, and neither did the tactical rides.

“But the biggest difference, quite clearly, was down at reserve. We knew it was going to be difficult in that respect, especially against a rider like Jason Garrity who was just unstoppable.

"Nathan (Greaves) came in and had a good go but both of the Coventry reserves' abilities were way above ours. We were very disappointed with how things went last night, but we have six meetings to go and we need to focus on them now.

“I do not want to finish bottom of this league again. The Belle Vue fans have seen this team finish bottom for many a season and we don’t want that to happen again.

“We have a basement battle with Leicester next week and that is one I certainly do not want to lose. I don’t want to lose any meeting, and neither do the boys, but we have to take things one meeting at a time now.

“I don’t want our remaining opponents to come here and do to us what Coventry as done."

With less than a month of their season remaining, the Rentruck Aces are surrounded on all sides by a delectable smorgasbord of racing that will brings several would-be title chasers back to Manchester.
Apart from Leicester, with whom they will do battle to avoid the dreaded wooden spoon, they will dive into hornets' nest to face off against the likes of Kings Lynn, Swindon, Eastbourne and Coventry once more.

And having finalised the arrangements earlier today, Belle Vue can now expect a double dose of the Eagles on Monday, September 15th, while they will meet the Swindon Robins on Wednesday, September 10th.

Further dates to be confirmed.

Monday 1st September 2014
Belle Vue Stung by Battling Bees
Belle Vue slumped to their heaviest home defeat of the season tonight as a rampant Coventry ran away with a 56-36 victory at Kirkmanshume Lane.

The united front of the Buildbase Bees all but overpowered the Rentruck Aces from the early stages of the meeting as they struggled to get a grip on proceedings.

Two tactical rides from Scott Nicholls and Matej Zagar netted only 4 of a possible 12 points, while the absence of Stefan Nielsen was keenly felt as the reserves bagged only 2 between them.

Michael Palm Toft certainly stood out for the home side as he collected an impressive 8 points from five rides, including a race win over local boy Kyle Howarth.

Michael Palm Toft battled his way to 8 points  (CDS)

But Nicholls, who also finished his night on 8, insists there was no good enough excuse for his side lose out so badly.

He said: "To lose by a margin of 20 points on our home track, it'd be an understatement to say it's an embarrassment for us to have lost by that much.

"But credit where credit's due, Coventry were a very strong team tonight, as we expected they would be, and they beat us fair and square.

"When you compare the performance of the two teams' reserves, no disrespect intended, it just highlights the fact that the fast track system has not worked for us at all this year.

"To be honest though, everybody had a bad night tonight and we're all left scratching our heads because we don't know why! The track looked good and it rode very well but nobody could seem to find the right set up.

"But I'm not making excuses. We can't change what's happened tonight, so we've got to take this as a serious wake-up call and come back next week more determined not to let this happen again."

Tonight's Top Scorers:

Matej Zagar 9, Michael Palm Toft 8, Scott Nicholls 8, Richie Worrall 5+1, Craig Cook 4, Nathan Greaves (G) 2, Lee Payne 0

Chris Harris 12+1, Jason Garrity 12, Hans Andersen 10+2, Max Fricke (G) 8+1, James Sarjeant 6+3, Kyle Howarth 5, Kenneth Hansen 3

Elite League points: Belle Vue 0; Coventry 4

The full scoresheet will follow

Monday 1st September 2014
Aces 36 Coventry 56
The Aces have lost their Elite League meeting against Coventry tonight 36-56

Aces scorers: Matej Zagar 9, Michael Palm Toft 8, Scott Nicholls 8, Richie Worrall 5+1, Craig Cook 4, Nathan Greaves (G) 2, Lee Payne 0

The full scoresheet will follow

Monday 1st September 2014
Greaves guests plus Blast from the Past
Nathan Greaves will guest for the Aces tonight in place of the injured Stefan Nielsen.

As an added bonus at tonight's meeting, the
ever-popular 'Blast From The Past' riders will be in action from 6:30pm, demonstrating their skills on their vintage machines.

Monday 1st September 2014
Re-admission Reminder
Anyone wishing to use their rain-off ticket from the recent double-header meeting to gain discounted entry to tonight's Aces v Coventry meeting, admission prices will be as follows:-

Adults: £8-50 discount leaving £8 to pay
Concessions: £6-50 discount leaving £5 to pay
Child: £3-50 discount leaving £3 to pay
Under 12's are free as usual.

Sunday 31st August 2014
Newsletter Issue 66 Available
Issue 66 of our newsletter is now available to download, with a round-up of the latest news and photos.

Click here to go to the newsletters page and download a copy

Friday 29th August 2014
Friday Vue - Fighting Tooth & Nail
Following a rather sporadic timetable over the last few weeks, Belle Vue are restless to get back on track for their mouthwatering fixture against play off contenders Coventry on Monday, September 1st.

The battle for the top four is intensifying by the minute, with the Buildbase Bees relegated to 6th after Lakeside's spectacular loss to Swindon on Thursday; Craig Cook, who guested for a patched-up Hammers side, top scored with 13.

This latest twist in the race for the title has led the Midlanders on a desperate hunt for points in a last-minute bid to keep their play off hopes alive.

But despite being well and truly out of the running, the Rentruck Aces aren't prepared to do the visitors any favours in their quest to finish their year on a high.

Frustratingly for the home side however, they will be without pocket rocket Stefan Nielsen for the remainder of the season after an accident whilst guesting for Coventry last week left him with a broken arm.

Belle Vue boss Jason Attwood described last week's performance against Lakeside as "the best we've put in at home all season", and admits that more of the same would be the best way to put a positive spin on a disappointing season.

Lee Payne and Stefan Nielsen scoring 5-1 for the Aces against Lakeside  (IC)

He said: "The Lakeside meeting last week, I thought, was probably the best the team have ridden at home this year. The boys looked so hungry for it, and as a result they churned out perhaps the best performance I've ever seen.

"We took no prisoners, and we gave it everything; you would've thought we were fighting tooth and nail! It's just a shame that we haven't put in those kind of performances throughout the season.

"I came away from those twelve heats very, very pleased because not only did we beat a play off chasing team, we beat a play off chasing team who beat us heavily on their home track; so it was a nice bit of payback for us!

'Unfortunately, as a result of Stefan's injury, we are now effectively a team of six riders fighting for pride against nothing less than title-contending teams in nearly all of our remaining fixtures.

"But we desperately want to be the spoiler for one, if not all, of them. We want to beat Coventry on Monday, and we really  want to be the team to put the cat amongst the pigeons; it's as simple as that, and that's precisely what the fans will expect.

"They really deserved more from a season that looked so promising on paper, but which ultimately never materialised. A team should be strong at home, and this year I feel we have been strong at home.

"Atrocious is probably the kindest word I can say about our form away from home, and I can honestly say that I have my eye on one or two riders regarding next year who need to remind me why they deserve to remain in the team."

Team Line-Ups

Belle Vue 'Rentruck' Aces:

Matej Zagar, Michael Palm Toft, Scott Nicholls (C), Richie Worrall, Craig Cook, GUEST TBC, Lee Payne
TM: Jason Attwood

Coventry 'Buildbase' Bees:
Hans Andersen, Kyle Howarth, Ben Barker, Kenneth Hansen, Chris Harris (C), Jason Garrity, James Sarjeant
TM: Gary Havelock

Friday 29th August 2014
Attwood - Guest Situation Critical
After weeks of being beaten down by the weather, Belle Vue have been dealt yet another frustrating blow after news filtered through that Stefan Nielsen's season is over.

The 19-year old was called upon as a guest by his parent club Coventry last week for their Friday night home fixture against the Lakeside Hammers.

But the evening was soon drenched in drama when, during Heat 8, the British Under-19 Champion came to grief on turns three and four, when his front wheel spindle appeared to break mid-turn.

The bone-crunching collision that followed resulted in a badly broken arm for the Belle Vue reserve; an injury which doctors have confirmed will keep him sidelined for 4-6 weeks.

Stefan Nielsen  (CDS)

It leaves the Rentruck Aces with no choice but to operate the guest facility for their remaining matches, but the saturated September fixture list has created an herculean task for team manager Jason Attwood in trying to find suitable replacements.

He said: "I actually found out through social media that Stefan was injured, which was a bit disappointing really as I thought he would have contacted us in advance to inform us.

"His doctor has said he's going to be out for at least four weeks which, as far as Belle Vue's remaining fixtures are concerned, basically finishes him for the season.

"It's already proving difficult to find adequate guests to cover for him, and with such a backlog of fixtures across the whole of British Speedway it's fast becoming a nightmare.

"After the September Fast Track Draft Grade List came out yesterday, we noticed Stefan had moved up one place which meant we were able to approach Paul Starke to see if he was available to guest for us on Monday.

"But unfortunately he told us he was moving house on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and would therefore be unavailable, so we then approached Oliver Greenwood and he was keen but his busy schedule meant he was unable to get time off work.
"Because we are not able to pick a rider who's above Stefan in Grade List means we can't use somebody like Charles Wright for example; if we could, we would but the situation is such that we just aren't allowed.

"Even now we're still hunting around for a guest for Monday but looking down the list there's four other Elite League teams riding on the same day, so we can rule out another eight potential guests right there.

"It's very frustrating to have to contend with such a cramped schedule, while at the same time trying to find riders who shares Stefan's capabilities at home; it is a huge, huge headache!"

Wednesday 27th August 2014
Statement - Outstanding Fixtures
In Regards To The Re-staging Of All Outstanding Matches.

Belle Vue have sent out messages to all clubs concerned regarding potential re-staging dates for our four outstanding rain-off fixtures, and we are now waiting for them to come back to us.

Since last week's double header was called off, the management team have been mapping out the possibility of how to complete our remaining fixtures; and providing the weather is favourable they're confident they will be completed in September.

Where possible, we will try to prioritise those clubs who are in with a chance of qualifying for the play offs.

Having assessed the time frame within which we have to work, which will include Wednesdays and possibly double headers, we are working hard to ensure that all of our outstanding matches will be honoured.

We've asked the clubs to come back to us on the dates that have been offered to them, and once we receive confirmation from them we will be able to finalise these dates with the BSPA.