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Wednesday 27th April 2016
Colts Up For The Knock-Out
Unlike their Elite League counterparts, Belle Vue’s National League incarnation have been starved of action since the commencement of the new campaign and have raced just one meeting so far.
But club bosses have confirmed that the venue is finally ready to stage its first domestic league fixture pitting the Cool Running Colts against the Stoke Potters in the Knock Out Cup on Friday.
The full Belle Vue septet is expected to be back in action with the exception of Lee Payne, who is on Premier League duty with Redcar. The club will operate the Rider Replacement facility for him.

The 2016 Belle Vue Colts Team  (IC)
When asked what it meant to be hosting the stadium’s first official fixture, team manager Graham Goodwin said: “There’s no question the lads will be proud to be the stadium’s first meeting!
“We’ve only had limited time to practice since the repairs were completed but all the same we’re looking forward to getting started and everyone has their eye on setting the first track record.
“It’s been a frustrating time for us because we’ve only had one meeting together as a team, and we’ve had a few false alarms where we thought the track would be ready but then wasn’t quite.
“It'll be good to finally bring the team back together at home. We’d love to have a big crowd turn out to see them and hopefully be impressed enough to stick with them for the season.”
The Potters haven’t got off to the most auspicious of beginnings this year and have yet to register their first win following three consecutive losses and two early season postponements.
Like the home guard they too are a man down at reserve in the form of Lewis Millar. The visitors have elected to utilise the Guest facility for him and have called on Belle Vue’s Joe Lawlor.
On how the opponents stack up to his squad, Goodwin said: “Stoke have got a very strong top two in Ben Wilson and Tony Atkin, the former being one of the National League’s strongest riders.
“Atkin has proved time and again he can still compete at this level and mid-team there’s a few lads we’re already quite familiar with, though they do seem to be lacking a bit at reserve at the moment.
“Chris Widman, Danny Phillips and Shaun Tedham have frequently ridden for us in the MDL so we know what we’re up against, which is where our lack of home track advantage could be an issue.
“But we’ll be looking to get as many points on the board as possible and hopefully take a decent lead into the second leg and to do that we need our entire 1-7 to come to the party and do their job.”

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts
Matt Williamson (C); David Holt; Rob Shuttleworth; Tom Woolley; Lee Payne R/R; Andy Mellish; Daniel Bewley

Team Managers: Stephen Williams & Graham Goodwin

Stoke ‘A. R. Richards Ltd’ Potters
Ben Wilson; Shaun Tedham; Tony Atkin (C); Danny Phillips; Chris Widman; Joe Lawlor (G); Ryan MacDonald

Team Manager: Malcolm Vasey

Wednesday 27th April 2016
Belle Vue Speedway - Fixture Update
Belle Vue's National League clash with Cradley, scheduled for May 7th, has been postponed.

Re-staging date to follow.

Tuesday 26th April 2016
The Student Versus The Master
It’s a meeting with a difference for Belle Vue’s Andy Mellish on Friday, a meeting which will pit him against his former mentor, Stoke skipper Tony Atkin, for the first time in his National League career.
Though a familiar face in the Midland Development League, 31-year old Mellish from Tameside only stepped up to British Speedway’s third tier as of 2016 and is relishing his role at reserve.

Over a month has passed since the Cool Running Colts were in action at Cradley and with their first home meeting now just days away, he’s keen to see how he stacks up to his old tutor.
He reflects: “It’s funny actually because Tony Atkin is one of the main men at Stoke and the whole reason I got into speedway to be honest. He’s been quite the mentor to me over the years.
“I first met him not long after I got involved with Grasstrack and I’d developed a bit of a bad style, leg trailing amongst other things, and he suggested I make the switch to MDL to improve that style.
“Ever since then he’s been saying I was good enough to race in the National League, which I was a bit dubious about, but I’m determined to prove that everyone’s faith in me hasn’t been misplaced.
“I’m really looking forward to Friday when we’ll be racing against each other and it’d be fantastic to see if I have what it takes to keep up with Tony, and maybe even beat him if I possibly can!”

Andy Mellsih  (HB)
The Cool Running Colts will meet the Potters in Leg One of the Knock Out Cup on Friday where they are determined to rack up as big a lead as possible ahead of the return fixture on May 14th.
Said Mellish: “We’re going into this meeting with every intention of winning, there’s just no other option really. It’s what we all want as a team and it’s what we all want for Belle Vue as a club.
“We’ve nothing to fear against Stoke. On the one side we’re at a slight disadvantage because we’ve not really ridden our home track that much but it’ll be as new to the Potters as it is to us.
“I think the pressure will be mostly on me, David [Holt] and Tom [Woolley] to perform so fingers crossed we’re able to find a window for some practice together ahead of Friday night.
“On the subject of the track, it’s true we haven’t had as much practice as maybe other clubs but everyone’s been keeping their hand in elsewhere so I don’t see that as being a great issue.
“As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. At our last practice we got a preview of the potential of this stadium and now that the track’s fixed we can’t wait to see what it’s now capable of producing!
“We just need to be proud of who we’re riding for and do the best we can.”

Monday 25th April 2016
Belle Vue Colts v Cradley Re-staging Date
The Belle Vue Colts v Cradley Heath fixture which was postponed on 28th March has been re-scheduled for Saturday 7th May.

Saturday 23rd April 2016
Worrall Fighting For Fitness
Belle Vue No.4 Richie Worrall is facing a few days on the sidelines after doctors confirmed he has sustained a broken rib following a nasty collision at Premier League club Glasgow last weekend.

The 24-year old crashed in Heat 5 of the Tiger’s home fixture against Berwick after tangling with Matthew Weathers. He also suffered muscle and tissue damage to his back in the crunch.

Of the smash, Worrall said: “I took the outside line to try and go around Matthew, but he cut across me going into the home straight so I switched to the inside line to go underneath him on Lap 2.

“As we came into the third turn I was holding that inside line and he just seemed to shut off behind me. That straightened him up and he clipped my back wheel which sent us both into the fence.

“When you shut off the gas on these bikes the back wheel stops spinning and starts driving. He did try to avoid me but there’s no room for an error like that at Glasgow. It’s a very, very fast track.”

Richie Worrall  (IC)

Worrall’s machine was written off in the accident and he was forced to withdraw from the rest of the meeting, as well as Belle Vue’s away fixture against the Swindon Robins on Thursday evening.

He continued: “I’ve broken a rib and have some muscle and tissue damage down my back as well. I think as I went into the fence, my bike actually hit me from behind and I’m still in a lot of pain.

“There was just no way I could've ridden on Thursday at Swindon. It would’ve done me no good and I wouldn’t have been able to perform at my best, and I don’t want to let my team mates down

“It’s looking like I might have to pull out of a couple meetings this weekend too. I was supposed to be riding with Glasgow at Berwick on Saturday and then back to Glasgow again on Sunday.

“Right now I’m just taking it day by day. I've been doing physio every other day since the crash but I think on Tuesday I might've overdone it a bit because the day after I felt pretty uncomfortable.

“I’m hoping to be back on the bike before our match against King’s Lynn on Bank Holiday Monday, and with the Poole match off it’s given me a few more days to make as much progress as I can.

“My aim is to rest up until Wednesday, then try to get going with some light training and gradually work myself up to having a few laps next Saturday, but that depends on how the week unfolds.

“If the track’s ready at Belle Vue I might even look to go up there a bit sooner, if I’m fit enough. I know the limits of my body and I’ll work hard to ensure I'm back with the team as soon as I can.”

Thursday 21st April 2016
Lemon: "An Unquestionable Effort"
It was a disappointing evening for the Belle Vue boys on Thursday night after the team suffered their first loss of the season to Swindon, who handed them an emphatic 51-40 defeat at Blunsdon.

The loss of Richie Worrall following a gnarly crash at Glasgow immediately put the visitors on the back foot and left them with no option but to operate the Rider Replacement facility at No.4.

Tweeting after the meeting, team manager Mark Lemon blasted the new guidelines of the R/R ruling as being of “no help to us and no help to the sport” given it’s more restrictive nature.

He continued: “The Rider Replacement ruling for Richie Worrall affected us badly on this occasion as we were only permitted to use our two reserves as cover, which is pretty absurd to be honest.

“But I can’t complain at Joe’s efforts and Steve rode very impressively. We were up against it but it was a reasonable result, given it’s only our third match of the year and away from home to boot.”

Steve Worrall hits the front ahead of Joe Jacobs, Stefan Nielsen & Josh Grajczonek  (IC)

It was a less than desirable start to the evening for the Rentruck Aces who found themselves on the wrong side of a double 5-1 in the opening heats and trailing their rivals by ten points after four.

Craig Cook was the man designated to take a tactical ride alongside World No.6 Matej Žagar in Heat 6 but despite a win for the latter, a third place for the former did not gain them much ground.

Ultimately the evening belonged to the Robins and served to remind the Belle Vue boys of the challenging season they face. But even though the battle was lost, the war is far from over.

Lemon reflected: “I’m not going to question the resilience of our boys. They were putting the effort in and everyone was disappointed with the result especially after we started to turn things around.

“Unfortunately our resurgence came a little bit too late. Swindon got off to a great start on the night and rode with the determined attitude of a team looking to bounce back from their misfortunes.

“Ahead of the meeting we were confident we could win and the feeling in the pits was a positive one but in the end we got beaten by a team who were really pumped up and dialled in early on.

“There are plenty of positives to take from tonight and our disappointment is not a bearing on how the boys rode, but more on our desire to keep up such a great beginning to our 2016 campaign.

“Reality stepped in however to remind us that we’re not going to win all of our away meetings this year in the same respect that we may not win all of our home meetings either but that’s speedway.”


Swindon ‘M&S Van Rental’ Robins 51

Jason Doyle 14, Justin Sedgmen 9+1, Rohan Tungate 9+1, Josh Grajczonek 9, Nick Morris 7, Stefan Nielsen 2+1, Charles Wright 1

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 40
Steve Worrall 10+2, Matej Žagar 10, Scott Nicholls 8, Max Fricke 6, Craig Cook 4, Joe Jacobs 2+2, Richie Worrall R/R

Elite League Points: Swindon 3 Belle Vue 0

Thursday 21st April 2016
Fixture Update - National Speedway Stadium
During the course of the remedial works being carried out by the stadium contractors to Turns Three and Four, further defects have been exposed which require further attention and this has extended the work program.

Belle Vue Speedway have therefore confirmed that their National League fixture against Coventry, which they were hoping to stage on Sunday April 24th, together with the Elite League meeting Belle Vue v Poole scheduled for Wednesday 27th April will not take place.

These meeting will be resheduled. Further details will follow.

Monday 11th April 2016
Ticket Refunds For Postponed Meetings
Ticket refunds for postponed meetings are now being sent out.

The club are offering one of the following three options:-
Option 1 - Re-Staging: Tickets are valid for the re-staging of the postponed event provided fans retain them.

If ticket holders cannot attend the re-arranged fixture or the fixture cannot be fulfilled then they may opt to pursue either Option 2 or Option 3, valid only for the 2016 season.

Option 2 - Exchange: Ticket(s) can be exchanged at the box office for any 2016 Belle Vue Speedway domestic league match ticket(s) of equal value, or used as credit towards a domestic league match ticket(s) of greater value. Please contact the office for more information.

Option 3 - Refund: Ticket holders wishing to request refunds must return their ticket(s) or confirmation by post to the National Speedway Stadium,148 Kirkmanshulme Lane, Gorton, Manchester, M12 4WB and a refund of the face value of the ticket(s) will be processed and issued as quickly as possible by our administration team.

The Belle Vue management team would like to take this opportunity to thank supporters for their continuing patience and support, and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Friday 4th March 2016
Belle Vue Raceday Hospitality
With their Elite League season just three weeks away Belle Vue Speedway are proud to launch their new Race Day Hospitality packages commencing with their traditional campaign opener on March 25th against the Wolverhampton Wolves.

At just £25 per person, you'll enjoy a delicious three-course package which includes a delectable starter, main course and dessert followed by tea, coffee and biscuits in the magnificent Peter Craven Suite.

Our mouthwatering Good Friday menu features a tasty Ham Hock Terrine starter followed by your choice of Cod Loin or a Daube of Beef and rounded off with a luscious Chocolate Tort.

We also have a highly attractive menu for the kids to tuck into, with prices for these scrumptious meals starting at just £2.95. Full details of what's on offer can be found by clicking here and the children's menu by clicking here

Prices do not include match day tickets, which are sold separately, and all packages are available on a first come first served basis.

Contact our office on 0161 223 7720 or

Monday 12th October 2015
2016 Season Tickets
2016 Elite League and National League Season Tickets are now available.

Click here for Pricing information and the application form.

*Please note that the application form has been amended & republished, the child price applies to age 12-18, not 12-16 as stated on the original form