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Sunday 26th June 2016
Potters Defeat Sees Colts Move Third
Belle Vue moved up to third in the National League table on Saturday night after bagging a vital 44-46 victory against the Stoke Potters and further closing the gap on their table topping rivals.

The Cool Running Colts are just three points behind Birmingham and Eastbourne who are both tied on 21, though they now have a frustratingly long break before their next batch of fixtures.

This latest success comes in the wake of their dominance of the AR Richards Ltd Potters at the National Speedway Stadium on Friday, where proceedings weren’t quite so tight as anticipated.

Team manager Graham Goodwin was delighted with the achievements of his squad who despite being down their captain, Matt Williamson, rallied together to produce the goods when it counted.

Lee Payne was the Colts top-scorer   (IC)

He said: “Apart from that first match against Cradley, we’ve always taken something from our away fixtures. We’re up to third in the league right now and of course we want to keep the pressure on.

“We started very strongly in the first race with Dan [Bewley] and Tom [Woolley] scoring a 5-1, which came after Ben Hopwood came down while holding second place. Tom just managed to avoid him!

“They are a competitive side however and levelled things up in Heat 2. That really set the tone for the rest of the evening because neither side were letting up. It was very close from start to finish.

“We had a slight problem in Heat 9 when Lee Payne was excluded for riding onto the centre green. He was on 2 minutes and took the shorter route to the tapes. Unfortunately that put us 6 behind.

“But the boys responded really well. Danyon Hume was a superb guest for us at No.3. He’s been going well recently for Birmingham and he was the perfect man for the job with Matt’s average.

“That did limit us on the guests we could have but overall it worked well for us. He fitted into the team well and gave a great performance but to be honest our top end were all performing well.

“We were on a 5-1 with Dan and Lee [Payne] in Heat 15 until Danny Phillips fell and we had to have a restart. Ben Wilson made a great gate but a 3-3 was more than enough for us to win.

“It’s always in the planning to go to these away tracks and pick up some points, and maybe even win if you can. We’re delighted to have won and we’re more than happy to take those three points.

“We do have a bit of a gap in fixtures now, which is a bit frustrating but we’re hoping we don’t have to go the entire of July without a meeting at home because we do have matches to be rearranged.”


Stoke ‘AR Richards Ltd’ Potters 44
Ben Wilson 11, Tony Atkin 9+1, Paul Burnett 7+3, Danny Phillips 7+1, Shaun Tedham 5+1, Ben Hopwood 3, David Morgan 2+1

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 46
Lee Payne 12, Dan Bewley 11+1, Danyon Hume 9, Rob Shuttleworth 8+1, Tom Woolley 5+1, David Holt 1, Joe Lawlor 0

Saturday 25th June 2016
Stoke 44 Belle Vue 46
The Belle Vue 'Cool Running' Colts have won their National League meeting away at Stoke tonight 44-46

STOKE 44: Ben Wilson 11, Tony Atkin 9+1, Paul Burnett 7+3, Danny Phillips 7+1, Shaun Tedham 5+1, Ben Hopwood 3, David Morgan 2+1.

BELLE VUE 46: Lee Payne 12, Dan Bewley 11+1, Danyon Hume 9, Rob Shuttleworth 8+1, Tom Woolley 5+1, David Holt 1, Joe Lawlor 0.

Saturday 25th June 2016
Colts Seek Loomer Success
Belle Vue co-promoter George Carswell says “we can expect a much tougher challenge” when the Cool Running Colts journey to Loomer Road on Saturday to face of against the Stoke Potters.

After defeating their opponent 53-37 in Manchester just twenty four hours earlier, the National League newbies are hopeful of repeating the performance they previously gave in Staffordshire.

Said Carswell: “It was very entertaining racing and although we got the win on the night it wasn't an easy meeting for us. Their riders adapted quickly to the track and put up an extremely tough fight.

“Danny Phillips, Tony Atkin and Ben Hopwood especially gave a great performance which was good to see. They gave us a run for our money and I don't think the overall score reflected that.

“Some of our lads found the going tough themselves but that’s racing. As far as we’re concerned they’ve earned the right to be here and we’re confident they’ll come on stronger as time goes by.”

Rob Shuttleworth leads Danny Phillips and Tony Atkin  (IC)

Stoke’s display at the National Speedway Stadium on Friday reinforces the effectiveness of the changes made to their septet following a difficult start to the season, which was riddled with losses.

During the preliminary rounds of the Knock out Cup, Belle Vue battered the home guard 38-52 and secured themselves a 14-point advantage that the AR Richards Ltd Potters found tough to recover.

But having bolstered their squad with big hitters like Hopwood, complacency is far from the minds of the young Mancunians as they hope to continue piling the pressure on their table topping rivals.

Club No.1 Dan Bewley, who scored 15+1 in his last appearance at the Loomer circuit, retakes his place at the top of the team while Danyon Hume substitutes for absent captain Matt Williamson.

Carswell continued: “We’ll go down there in a positive frame of mind. We've had great success at Loomer Road already this year and I know the lads are more than capable of repeating that win.

“It would be nice for us if our schedule was a bit more consistent than it has been however the boys are getting meetings and track time in, and we proved on Friday just how crucial that can be.

“Stoke have got stronger with the changes they've made. They’re a very competitive team and they haven't lost at home since they made those changes, so it’s not going to be an easy meeting.

“Obviously we’ll be without Matt due to his Premier League commitments. We have therefore brought in Danyon Hume to cover for him and we’re also happy to welcome Dan back at No.1.”


Stoke ‘AR Richards Ltd’ Potters
Ben Hopwood, Shaun Tedham, Tony Atkin (C), Danny Phillips, Ben Wilson, David Morgan, Paul Burnett
Team Manager: Malcolm Vasey

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts
Daniel Bewley, Tom Woolley, Danyon Hume (G), Rob Shuttleworth, Lee Payne, Joe Lawlor, David Holt
Team Managers: Graham Goodwin/Steve Williams

Friday 24th June 2016
Jubilant Colts Negate Feisty Potters
Jubilation filled the National Speedway Stadium on Friday as the Belle Vue Colts charged to a 53-37 win over Stoke and once and for all settled the score following their KOC home defeat.

Even though nearly a month had passed since their last appearance in Manchester, the Cool Running Colts picked up where they left off and led proceedings on the night from start to finish.

Rentruck Aces No.7 Joe Jacobs, who deputised for absent spearhead Dan Bewley, called on his ever increasing Elite League experience and charged to a flawless 15-point maximum on the night.

Joe Jacobs leads Ben Hopwood, Shaun Tedham & Tom Woolley  (IC)

Despite the expansive final scoreline the AR Richards Ltd Potters put up a more feisty challenge than the final stats would betray, producing a performance to be more than proud of even in defeat.

Skipper Matt Williamson said: “The last meeting we had against Stoke - which got cancelled - was closely contested so I must admit that I thought the scores would be much closer than they were.

“But they’ve made some changes since then, as we’ve developed and grown as a team. I think that  our victory on Friday just goes to show how good a team we have and how strongly we perform.

“We saw great racing all night and it was a fantastic result for us. It feels like ages since we've ridden our bikes with all these rain offs. I'm certainly not a fan of that because I like to keep busy.

“The long break doesn’t seem to have affected us collectively though. I just get bored when I'm not racing as I'm sure the rest of the boys do, but as I’ve said it’s not something to use as an excuse.

“Everyone did well tonight. We had two great guests in Jon [Armstrong] and Joe [Jacobs] and at the end of the day, we bagged the win and all three league points. Now it’s onto the next one!”

Williamson also just missed out on a similar reward to Jacobs for his efforts, a paid maximum, but far from disappointed the 23-year old was delighted to see his side claim victory so emphatically.

He said: “Twelve points is great on a personal level. Without sounding too disheartened I knew that going into Heat 15 on Gate 4, at that time of night, that I wasn’t going to be able to do an awful lot.

“As soon as the tapes went up I went straight out for the dirt, but the Stoke boys had already beaten me to it and in that situation, against guys like that, there’s not really any way to recover.

“On such a fast track, when you get to that final race and you’re up against three fast riders it’s anybody’s game. I can’t be disappointed though because the rest of my night was just great!

“I had some fantastic races especially in my third ride when I managed to do what I think was the best pass I've ever made around here so there’s plenty of positives to take from Friday night.”


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 53
Joe Jacobs 15, Matt Williamson 12, Rob Shuttleworth 7+1, Tom Woolley 6+1, Jon Armstrong 6, Joe Lawlor 5, David Holt 2+1.

Stoke ‘AR Richards Ltd’ Potters 37
Danny Phillips 10, Ben Wilson 9+2, Ben Hopwood 7, Tony Atkin 5+2, David Morgan 3+1, Paul Burnett 3+1, Shaun Tedham 0

Friday 24th June 2016
Belle Vue 53 Stoke 37
The Belle Vue 'Cool Running' Colts have won their National League meeting against Stoke tonight 53-37.

BELLE VUE 53: Joe Jacobs 15, Matt Williamson 12, Rob Shuttleworth 7+1, Tom Woolley 6+1, Jon Armstrong 6, Joe Lawlor 5, David Holt 2+1.

STOKE 37: Danny Phillips 10, Ben Wilson 9+2, Ben Hopwood 7, Tony Atkin 5+2, David Morgan 3+1, Paul Burnett 3+1, Shaun Tedham 0

Thursday 23rd June 2016
Colts In Pursuit of Points
After weeks of waiting and washouts, Belle Vue are hoping to get their National League campaign back on track tomorrow (June 24th) with a visit from Stoke to the National Speedway Stadium.
The Cool Running Colts were due to face off against the King’s Lynn Young Stars on June 10th until inclement weather put paid to that notion, leaving them with nothing to do but wait out the storm.
Team boss Steve Williams admits that while such a big break – nearly a month – from racing is not ideal, it is the nature of the speedway beast and not the kind of problem that’s worth dwelling on.

Colts Rob Shuttleworth and Matt Williamson do battle with Stoke's Ben Hopwood  (HB)
He said: “Obviously the boys get disappointed because they’re all revved up ready to go, especially those not riding elsewhere and when we get rained off it causes a longer break than we’d like.
“I don’t see that being an issue come Friday though because most, if not all, of them have had track time so while it’s frustrating, we can’t wait to get back into National League action against Stoke.
“Our last meeting against those guys was under difficult circumstances given the amount of rain we’d had. Track conditions were difficult and we were also heading to the Isle of Wight the next day.
“So there was quite a bit on the riders’ minds considering how busy that 48-hour period was but it happens, and we’re focused and determined and I’m sure come Friday they’ll give it everything.”
The home guard will be without two crucial figures for this Mancunian showdown, with Lee Payne on duty with Redcar and Dan Bewley also otherwise engaged with the Edinburgh Monarchs.
A BSPA ruling on Bewley’s availability stated that as the senior club, Edinburgh would take priority over his National League commitments. Belle Vue are currently awaiting confirmation of this decision.
Mildenhall’s Jon Armstrong will step in at No.5 to cover for the absent Payne while Rentruck Aces rising star Joe Jacobs, the stand out man for the Isle of Wight lately, comes in to deputise at No.1.
Williams continued: “If we get good weather we should be in for a great meeting. Any septet that comes together to race want to put on a good show and of course overall they want to be victorious.
“Our game plan is no different, and picking up maximum points is always high on our agenda. But it’s important for us to focus on our plan and our abilities rather than dwell too much on the opposition.
“I think our boys are quietly confident that they can go out and deliver the goods on Friday and we have no reason to doubt them. They’re a strong team, a fact which they have more than proved.
“There’s been a lot of cancellations over the last few weeks due to the weather; the Great British Summer as we call it! But like I said, it’s not like the lads have been starved of time on the track.
“Both teams are capable of putting in a good performance so we’ve got to make sure we focus, get ourselves off to a good start and so long as we keep our cool I’m sure a good result will follow.”


Belle Vue 'Cool Running' Colts
Joe Jacobs (G); Tom Woolley; Matt Williamson (C); Rob Shuttleworth; Jon Armstrong (G); Joe Lawlor; David Holt

Team Managers: Stephen Williams / Graham Goodwin

Stoke 'AR Richards Ltd' Potters
Ben Hopwood; Shaun Tedham; Tony Atkin (C); Danny Phillips; Ben Wilson; David Morgan; Paul Burnett

Team Manager: Malcolm Vasey  

Tuesday 21st June 2016
8th July - Colts v Isle Of Wight - OFF
The Belle Vue Colts' home meeting with the Isle of Wight Warriors on July 8th at 7:30pm has been postponed. 

 Re-Staging date to be confirmed.

Monday 6th June 2016
Away Meeting Coaches
There will be a coach running to the following away meetings:-

Leicester on Saturday 18th June, Wolverhampton on Monday 20th June and a mini-tour to Swindon & Coventry on 21st & 22nd July.

Details as follows...

Leicester v Aces - Saturday 18th June

Departs NSS at 3-45pm (parking available)
Adults: £19
Children £10

Wolverhampton v Aces - Monday 20th June

Departs NSS at 4-15pm (parking available)
Adults: £18
Children: £10

Discount Offer !!!   Book on both trips to Leicester & Wolves and pay just £30  (£15 per trip)

Proposed trip  to Aces v Swindon & Aces v Coventry on 21st & 22nd July with overnight accommodation -  please contact to register interest!!

Price for the 2 day tour would be £59 per person  including travel and hotel  (single room supplement £20)

For more details and to book your seat contact Ron Shaw at or on 0161 456 0469

Wednesday 18th May 2016
Belle Vue Speedway wish to advise that we are processing all ticket refund requests for postponed meetings in date received order as quickly as the process allows, and customers can be assured that all such requests will be honoured.
The Club sincerely thank supporters for their patience and understanding during this process