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Friday 22nd July 2016
Jubilant Aces Top The Table
Friday night saw Belle Vue rise to the rank of Elite League leaders after pulling off a stunning 42-48 victory at Coventry’s Brandon Stadium, going two points clear of second place Wolverhampton.

But the Buildbase Bees ensured the visitors had their work cut out for them, relentlessly fighting the Rentruck Aces every step of the way to ensure they saved face on their native territory.

The evening was peppered with controversial decisions from on high however which far from impressed the northern powerhouse, particularly that concerning Craig Cook in Heat 6.

Craig Cook & Matej Zagar lead Danny King  (IC)

The Belle Vue No.5 believed that substantial movement at the starting gate from a rival rider would’ve resulted in the race being called back, and was furious when this wasn’t the case.

He said: “As far as I could see, the guy on Turn 1 stuck a red flag out. If you see a red flag you stop, which is what I did. Yes, I was frustrated because I believed the race had been stopped!

“There were a few decision tonight which could quite easily be questioned but that one cost me a heat’s worth of earnings. I earn my living racing speedway and I feel like I was robbed of that race.”

Despite the difference of opinion, Belle Vue continued to make a beeline for a maximum haul, and though just missing out on the full four points, their unwavering efforts rewarded them with three.

Cook continued: “We could’ve had that extra point had certain things not happened but obviously it’s fantastic to come away having got the victory. I mean, it’s been a while since we’ve won here.

“Heat 13 was the hardest race of the night for me and first in that over Harris and Kasprzak was just what the doctor ordered. I actually didn’t realise Harris was behind me; I though it was Zagar.

“But the important thing is we got the three points in the bag, and to boot we’re top of the table which is an excellent position to be in with the Speedway World Cup break just around the corner.

“I believe we’ve got a stronger side than last year and we’re so hungry for that league title. As a unit we get along exceptionally well, which is half the battle when you’re going for that top spot.

“It’s a hell of a team to be in right now and we’re really enjoying ourselves. Coventry pushed us really hard though which, to be honest, we expected them to on their home track here at Brandon.

“Any away victory we can consider a job well done so we’ll take it. The Bees are a heck of a team and I do think that from Friday’s win we can take great confidence into the second half of our year.”


Coventry ’Buildbase’ Bees 42
Kacper Woryna 11+1, Danny King 9, Chris Harris 7+1, Krzysztof Kasprzak 6, James Sarjeant 5, Josh Bates 3, Ben Barker 1

Belle Vue ’Rentruck’ Aces 48

Matej Zagar 10+1, Max Fricke 8+1, Craig Cook 8+1, Steve Worrall 7+2, Richie Worrall 7+1, Scott Nicholls 6, Joe Jacobs 2

Elite League points: Coventry 0 Belle Vue 3

Thursday 21st July 2016
Lemon: "A Classic Showdown"
Swindon 33  Belle Vue 39

Belle Vue moved to within one point of the Elite League’s top spot on Thursday night after making good on their promise to go one better against the Swindon Robins at their Abbey Stadium home.

Persistent drizzle was already causing problems earlier in the evening but not so much as to jeopardise the racing, as was evident by the sheer ferocity of both sides to claim the victory.

The deficit never stretched further than a mere two points, despite the worsening conditions, but it was that final blow from the Mancunian reserves that hit the frustrated home team the hardest.

With the weather continuing its assault on both man and circuit the match was brought to its premature end three heats early, the resulting 33-39 advantage standing in favour of Belle Vue.

Steve Worrall & Joe Jacobs were the Aces' top-scorers with 8 pts each  (IC)

Team manager Mark Lemon said: “It was the correct decision in the circumstances. With three heats to go it was still anyones game, but we’re happy. We got the win and three points in the bag.

“The scoreline was to-ing and fro-ing all night in classic showdown fashion, so to speak. All the boys chipped in and delivered the goods in very tricky conditions right from the word go.

“So full credit to them for knuckling down and keeping their heads in the game. It was a good meeting for us and in any case where you have an away win, you always leave a happy camp.

“It was a shame we couldn’t see things through to the end but even so we had some good opportunities to capitalise on their weaknesses on Thursday, and the boys did exactly that.”

One meeting still remains for the Rentruck Aces before the club officially breaks for the 2016 Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup, and it comes in the form of their ultimate bogey team.

The northern powerhouse make a beeline for Coventry on Friday night, a place where they also have unfinished business after coming to within mere inches of claiming victory at Brandon.

Said Lemon: “We’re pretty upbeat about our visit to the Bees on Friday, particularly having come off the back of a win but tomorrow’s a new day and there’s never any guarantees in speedway.

“We won’t be going into that one overconfident or overthinking things. There’s a job to be done and we know that Coventry can be a real force to be reckoned with, especially around their home track.

“But I think after Swindon, the boys have got the taste of blood and they’re ready to go for the jugular. We’ll take ever meeting on merit however and we’ll go to Brandon and do the best we can.”

Meanwhile, Belle Vue’s Dan Bewley enjoyed a fantastic night after reigning victories in the Julie Lewis Memorial at Redcar, with Rob Shuttleworth second and Lee Payne finishing fourth.


Swindon ‘M&S Van Rental’ Robins 33
Jason Doyle 9; Josh Grajczonek 7+1; Charles Wright 7+1; Nick Morris 7; Rohan Tungate 2+1; Robert Branford 1; Justin Sedgmen 0

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 39
Joe Jacobs 8+2; Steve Worrall 8; Craig Cook 5+1; Max Fricke 5+1; Scott Nicholls 5; Matej Zagar 4+1; Richie Worrall 4+1


Coventry ‘Buildbase’ Bees

Krzysztof Kasprzak; Ben Barker; Danny King; Josh Bates; Chris Harris; Kacper Woryna; James Sarjeant
Team Manager: Gary Havelock

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces
Matej Zagar; Steve Worrall; Scott Nicholls (C); Max Fricke; Craig Cook; Richie Worrall; Joe Jacobs
Team Manager: Mark Lemon

Wednesday 20th July 2016
Aces Aim To Bolster Position
Belle Vue will be hoping to go one better at Swindon’s Abbey Stadium on Thursday night after their last visit to Wiltshire ended in a 51-40 defeat and no consolation points to show for their efforts.

It marks the first of two consecutive away clashes, the second being at Coventry’s Brandon home  on Friday, before the club officially breaks for the 2016 Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup.

The Rentruck Aces are currently riding on the crest of a wave after a spate of excellent results both at home and on the road, and are currently sitting somewhat comfortably within the table’s top four.

Steve Worrall battles with Swindon's Josh Grajczonek  (IC)

But team manager Mark Lemon says his squad should be wary of the Robins tenacity after they suffered one of their heaviest defeats of the season to league leaders Wolverhampton on Monday.

He said: “Obviously we’re going down there to get as much as we can because, as we always say, points mean prizes. But we’ve again got the unfortunate situation of hitting Swindon at a bad time.

“They took a pasting from Wolverhampton on Monday night soother’s going to be no easy points given. It’s certainly going to be a real dog fight in more respects than just the meeting is concerned.

“Four of our boys are hoping to prove a point to Alun Rossiter regarding his Team GB picks for the Speedway World Cup and i’m sure they’ll be out to seriously impress him at the Abbey Stadium.

“On the other foot, I’ve got a group of Aussies that want to prove me wrong about my choices for Team Australia! All of them I’m sure will be wanting to get stuck in and show what they can do.

“Elite Speedway isn’t easy, it never has been and I don’t expect for a minute that Swindon are going to allow lightning to strike twice. Thursday is a new day after all and we have to be ready.

“One crucial difference between our last visit and this one is that our riding order has changed and I think that it’ll give us more of an upper hand, especially with us being back to full strength.

“We missed Richie Worrall back then but nothing is set in stone. I’m sure the Robins will come out tweeting and flapping their wings to try and put our challenge to bed, but we won’t make it easy.

“We are in a great position with the World Cup break coming up but I don’t feel the boys should feel any more pressure to bolster their rank so much as maybe see it as an excellent opportunity.

“Our goal at the start of the season remains in place today, and that goal is to reach the Play Offs. We’re pushing hard because we made a pact to reach the top, but its up to the boys to execute it.”


Swindon ‘M&S Van Rental’ Robins

Jason Doyle (C); Rohan Tungate; Justin Sedgemen; Nick Morris; Josh Grajczonek; Charles Wright; Robert Branford (G)
Team Manager: Alun Rossiter

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces
Matej Zagar; Steve Worrall; Scott Nicholls (C); Max Fricke; Craig Cook; Richie Worrall; Joe Jacobs
Team Manager: Mark Lemon

Tuesday 19th July 2016
SWC Special - Premium Tickets Released
Belle Vue Speedway are delighted to inform fans worldwide that the club has released a limited number of Premium Grandstand seats for the 2016 Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup.

Located in Block D, right on the start/finish line, tickets for both the Race Off on July 29 and the Final on July 30 are now available, and will be sold strictly on a first come first served basis.

Tickets are priced at £70 for the Final or £80 for the Race Off and Final, and any fans looking to book theirs need only contact the speedway office on either 0161 223 7720, or email

Race night hospitality is also still available for both events. The Race Off will feature a delicious 2-course carvery in the Peter Craven Suite while the Final boasts a delectable 3-course dinner.

It’s £25 to add the carvery to your Friday night speedway experience (no ticket included) while Saturday’s Final diners can enjoy a packed-out VIP package for just £175 (ticket included).

To book, call 0161 641 3450 or email For more information on what’s included in your race night package, go to

Tuesday 19th July 2016
2016 SWC - Reserve Your Parking Pass
With the 2016 Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup now only weeks away, preparations for the Race Off and Final are well underway at the National Speedway Stadium in the city of Manchester.

To minimise traffic disruption in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, Belle Vue Speedway will be operating a Parking Pass scheme for any patrons wishing to make use of the venue’s car parks.

Passes are strictly limited and are valid for the St Peter’s RC High School car park, located opposite the venue’s South Car Park on Pink Bank Lane. The charge is £5 for the Race Off and £5 for the Final.

Those interested in reserving a pass can do s by contacting the club via email at, or calling 0161 223 7720.

Please note that vehicular access to both Kirkmanshulme Lane and Pink Bank Lane for non-residents during both events is permitted only by presenting a valid 2016 Speedway World Cup parking pass.

Customers not in possession of one of these passes will not be granted access to the car parks, and the club would urge those spectators in advance not to attempt driving directly to the complex.

As an alternative, Belle Vue Speedway has implemented a Park and Ride scheme travelling from Manchester City's Etihad Stadium to the National Speedway Stadium for both the Race Off and Final.

The charge to park is £5 per day, and includes coach travel to and from the stadium.

As part of our promise to our seasonal permit holders, parking passes for both the Race Off and Final will be made available to them free of charge in the stadium’s South Car Park just off Pink Bank Lane.

These passes are also available to customers whose permits usually cover the East and North Car Parks, which have been designated for various other uses during the extended World Cup weekend.

Tuesday 19th July 2016
Worrall Out To Impress
With the prestigious 2016 Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup looming closer, Belle Vue asset Steve Worrall is determined to do everything he can to impress Team GB boss Alun Rossiter.

The 24-year old was recently selected by the Swindon team manager, along with twin brother Richie and Rentruck Aces team mates Scott Nicholls and Craig Cook, as part of his 10-man British squad.

Just who will be selected for the Final on July 30, into which the host nation is seeded, remains a mystery, but the younger Worrall is hopeful his recent performances will stand him in good stead.

He said: “I don’t envy Roscoe’s job in the slightest, but I’m hoping that he’s been having a little peep on the updates sites because I really would like to think I’d be in with a shot of getting a call up.
“There’s still two Elite League meetings left before the World Cup for me to try and impress, one of them ironically being at Swindon, but I think more of the focus will be on our displays at Belle Vue.

“It’s a rare track as far as speedway venue’s go, and being a home rider will have its good points. I realise the kind of guys I’m trying to stand out against, but I’d like to think I’d be worth a shot.

“Obviously I’ll have to be on top form next week but at the end of the day, all I can do is my best. I’m just hopeful that my best is good enough as I’d love to represent my country at my home track.”

Steve Worrall  (HB)

Impressive is the only word that can describe Worrall’s meteoric rise through the Rentruck Aces ranks this season, having moved from the No.6 race jacket to the No.2 spot in less than six months.

His contribution of 10 points to Belle Vue’s 48-42 victory over Leicester on Friday, which nearly fell afoul of inclement weather, was on par with that of heat leaders Matej Zagar and Craig Cook.

He admits: “I expected it to be more of a walk in the park, but I wasn’t overconfident about the match and neither were the rest of the boys. But on paper you couldn’t have predicted such a result.

“Fair play to Leicester though, they rode brilliantly. Even after all the rain we had, the track was absolutely perfect. Full credit to Colin [Meredith], Phil [Naylor] and the rest of the track staff.

“It was a tough meeting and the Lions made us work hard for those points. Being up there around the top of the table is a good place to be in going into the World Cup break, we’re really pleased.

“We wouldn’t have wanted to round off things with a loss because we’d be itching to be back here tomorrow to rectify it! We still have a good chance to get even more points on the board though.

“We’re at Swindon and Coventry this week, two tracks where we just missed out on our last visit. But things have changed since then and I feel that we’ve got the potential to do some damage.”

Wednesday 18th May 2016
Belle Vue Speedway wish to advise that we are processing all ticket refund requests for postponed meetings in date received order as quickly as the process allows, and customers can be assured that all such requests will be honoured.
The Club sincerely thank supporters for their patience and understanding during this process