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Friday 26th August 2016
Colts Take Stock As Kent Clean Up
Tensions and tempers were running high during Belle Vue’s National League clash with the Kent Kings on Friday night as the home team went down 40-50, and their Play off ambitions put on hold.

Already assured of a difficult meeting ahead, the Cool Running Colts opened proceedings in their usual fashion and made certain to emphasise to the visitors that they would not go down easily.

But discord swept across Mancunian shale after a hard move by substitute No.1 Nathan Greaves on Kings captain James Shanes soon descended into the fabled “handbags” scenario post race.

The Heat 6 incident would linger at the forefront of the pairs’ remaining appearances, the resulting action of which was drenched in drama though no more aggressive than a few strong words.

James Shanes and Nathan Greaves  (IC)

Dissension then invaded the Cool Running Colts’ pit zone when, on the third running of Heat 13, Greaves clashed first with opposing No.1 Rob Branford and then again with team mate Lee Payne.

The latter was visibly furious with the Belle Vue guest for a collision which nearly brought both men down on the fourth turn and had to be restrained from a further tussle upon his return to the pits.

Barring any minor repercussions, the evening concluded in a typical straight-forward manner though skipper Matt Williamson confessed his disappointment at the heightened emotions.

He said: “It’s not what we want, especially amongst ourselves. But there’s so much testosterone flying around and when tempers run high, you can sometimes get passionate about what you say.

“I've done it myself and I’m not proud of it but in the heat of the moment you can’t help your actions. Once the boys have calmed down things will get back to normal. It’s one of those things.

“Obviously the fact that it was such a difficult meeting meant everyone had stepped up their game even further. We knew it was going to be tough because Kent are an exceptionally good team.

“Running Rider Replacement for Danny Ayres meant that near enough all of their heat leaders could take his rides and with such powerful riders substituting it just made the task even harder.

“But that’s the thing with Belle Vue. There’s no home track advantage as such so it does make life that bit more challenging but at the same time it transforms the level of racing we’re producing.

“People want to come and see a bit of drama. We’re so close to the Play Offs. Cradley lost their last home match and they’re our main rivals. It’s not over yet by any stretch of the imagination.

“We've got to face them in Manchester yet, and if we can plug away at the rest of our meetings there’s still a chance we could scrape in. It’s not over until it’s over. We’ve got to keep digging.”


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 40
Matt Williamson 12; Nathan Greaves (G) 9; Lee Payne 7+1; Tom Woolley 5+2; Rob Shuttleworth 4+1; Joe Lawlor 2; Andy Mellish 1+1

Kent ‘Slyde’ Kings 50
James Shanes 16; Jack Thomas 10+1; Ben Hopwood (G) 9+4; Rob Branford (G) 8; Luke Clifton 4+2; Danno Verge 4+1

Friday 26th August 2016
Carswell Confident Ahead Of NL Pairs
Dan Bewley and Matt Williamson have been selected as Belle Vue’s representatives in this weekend’s prestigious National League Pairs competition at King’s Lynn’s Adrian Flux Arena.

After just missing out on top spot in the recent National League Fours in Coventry the Cool Running Colts are targeting gold on Saturday night, the underdog amongst some very stiff opposition.

Competing in Group B they will be faced with one of the toughest collection of teams in British Speedway’s third tier including Birmingham, Kent, Stoke and NL Fours winners Rye House.

Should they progress through to the Finals they’ll be up against one of the fiercest fields in the championship, with the likes of Max Clegg, Ash Morris and Nathan Greaves all competing in Group A.

Matt Williamson  (CDS)

Co-promoter George Carswell however believes that his paring of Bewley and Williamson are amongst the strongest of riders and that their skills will give the Mancunians a real fighting chance.

He continued: “Most of the pairs in our group are very impressive, so there’s no doubt we’ll go into this as the underdogs. But there’s no fear on our part. We’re in it to win it. We’ve nothing to lose.

“The disappointment of what happened at the Fours has been put to one side now, it’s over. We knew we had a very good chance then and we know have a very good chance on Saturday.

“It is our belief that we are one of the strongest pairs but at the same time we are up against some very stiff competition. We are against teams with some exceptionally good top two riders.

“Rye House, for example, with Rob Branford and Ben Morley and Cradley with Max Clegg and Ash Morris. It’s teams such as these, who’ve shown such consistency, who will be the danger duos.

Dan Bewley  (IC)

“Both Matt and Dan have shown very good promise around King’s Lynn already this season. Matt especially was on fire there last time, and considering it was his first time Dan performed admirably.

“It took him a couple of races to find the set-up. His third ride he won, but in his fourth he was going for the blast around the outside and fell when he looked like he was going to pass both home riders.

“It’s not a place that holds any fears for either of them and they certainly didn’t disgrace themselves. They’ve both been outstanding for us all year and we have faith that they can and will deliver.”
CRADLEY: Ashley Morris & Max Clegg
EASTBOURNE: Adam Ellis & Jake Knight
ISLE OF WIGHT: Mark Baseby & James Cockle
KING’S LYNN: Tom Stokes & Nathan Greaves
MILDENHALL: Jon Armstrong & Danny Halsey
BELLE VUE: Matt Williamson & Dan Bewley
BIRMINGHAM: Danyon Hume & Darryl Ritchings
KENT: James Shanes & Danny Ayres
RYE HOUSE: Ben Morley & Rob Branford
STOKE: Ben Wilson & Danny Phillips

Thursday 25th August 2016
Colts Set For "Crucial" Kent Clash
The Belle Vue Colts are targeting another maximum haul when Kent visit Manchester on Friday night after such an emphatic display at the National Speedway Stadium against the Isle of Wight last week.
The Cool Running Colts still have plenty of ground to cover as they bid to claim one of the coveted spots in the Play Offs, though only two points currently separate them from fourth-placed Cradley.

Kent meanwhile sit relatively comfortably in the league’s top two. The team the Mancunians will encounter tonight however may still be considerably under strength owing to a recent injury crisis.
Club No.1 Luke Bowen remains unfit to take his place due to ongoing issues with hand and back injuries. He will be replaced by Rye House Raider’s high flying spearhead Robert Branford.
It was this that resulted in Bowen’s missing out on the Mancunians’ visit to their Sittingbourne home on August 15, as was also the case with their second-string rider David Mason.
The latter’s return to the saddle sadly will not come in time for this tasty rematch, as he recovers from being knocked out a fortnight ago, though he is expected to be back in action over the weekend.
Local lad Ben Hopwood steps in at No.4 to cover for Mason while Luke Clifton has been given the all-clear by doctors after suffering a broken hand. Rider Replacement will also operate for Danny Ayres.

Andy Mellish  and Nathan Greaves  (IC)
Having just missed out on maximum points against the Slyde Kings away from home there is a minor grudge match brewing, with the home guard hoping to maintain their unbeaten home record.
Team manager Graham Goodwin said: “It’s one of the toughest matches of the season for us and now more than ever we need the fans to get behind the boys and support them with a vengeance.

“Kent are a strong outfit. They’re second in the league and even though they’re bringing a couple of guests with them, their side is still just as formidable as it would be with a full septet.

“We saw a few weeks ago how well both Robert Branford and Ben Hopwood went around Belle Vue. They will provide more than adequate cover so we know we’re in for a stern challenge.

“Obviously it’s frustrating for ourselves being without Dan Bewley but it’s the nature of the beast and Nathan Greaves has done a fantastic job for us on each occasion we’ve called on his services.

“It’s a crucial meeting in many respects but none more so than in terms of the Play Offs. We have the potential to move into the top four on Friday and the lads are very keen to act on that potential.”

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts
Nathan Greaves (G); Tom Woolley; Matt Williamson (c); Rob Shuttleworth;  Lee Payne; Joe Lawlor; Andy Mellish
TM:  Stephen Williams / Graham Goodwin

Kent ‘Slyde’ Kings
Robert Branford (G); Luke Clifton; Danny Ayres R/R; Ben Hopwood (G);  James Shanes (c); Danno Verge; Jack Thomas
Team Manager: Chris Hunt

Thursday 25th August 2016
Fixtures Update
The Aces v Swindon meeting, which was postponed on 19th August, will now take place on Wednesday 14th September 7-30pm

Wednesday 24th August 2016
Aces Must Act On Lynn 'Wake-Up Call'

It was far from the result Belle Vue had wanted when they faced off against a reinvigorated King’s Lynn Stars on Wednesday night after conceding a 41-49 victory to their visiting rivals from Norfolk.

It was all about the restoration of pride for the Roger Warnes Transport Stars after enduring one of their toughest season to date which has left their Elite League Play Off ambitions all but in tatters.

The hosts were without their high-flying Australian heat leader Max Fricke once again due to an unfortunate fixture clash in Denmark. British champion Danny King was called upon to substitute.

The evening began in typical fashion for the Rentruck Aces but quickly became not so typical when their opponent, desperate to avoid another beating, started to bite back with equal ferocity.

Aces' top-scorer Joe Jacobs leads Lewis Rose, Carl Wilkinson & Richie Worrall  (IC)

In one of the closest home matches in Belle Vue’s recent history, King’s Lynn made certain not to produce an encore of their last clash with the Mancuninas and gave them plenty to think about.

The final result came down to a Heat 15 decider in which the home team had no choice but to deliver a 5-1 to draw the meeting, a task the Stars twisted to suit their designs for maximum points.

Poole’s emphatic defeat of Leicester in Dorset means the Rentruck Aces now have only a 2-point cushion on the Elite League’s top spot ahead of their own clash with the Pirates on Monday.

Steve Worrall admits that it was a bitter disappointment to have to add a second home loss to their tally, but states with conviction that this “wake-up call” is something his side need to act on.

He said: “After being so comfortable at the top it is a blow to see that margin so drastically reduced. Wednesday night was a revelation and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We’re all scratching our heads to be honest. I don’t know if it’s lack of meetings at home but I personally felt a little rusty in my first ride and I did struggle a bit to find something that worked.

“Sometimes coming into the unknown versus coming into what you expect, only to find it’s different, can play to your advantage. But no excuses, King’s Lynn were the better team.

“They’ve had a tough season and you can’t take away from them their determination to restore a bit of pride. If anyone, we know how it feels to be in their position so fair play to them all.

“We can’t dwell on this result. We’ve one of our biggest meetings of the year coming up on Monday against Poole and if anything I feel going into it off the back of this defeat is just what we need.

“It’s a good kick up the backside we got on Wednesday and we have to act on it. With the Pirates you have to step up your game and after losing to King’s Lynn, we’re more than ready to do that.”


Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 41
Joe Jacobs 9, Danny King 6+1, Scott Nicholls 6+1, Steve Worrall 6, Matej Zagar 5, Craig Cook 5, Richie Worrall 4

King’s Lynn ‘Roger Warnes Transport’ Stars 49

Robert Lambert 13, Freddie Lindgren 12+1, Kai Huckenbeck 8+2, Troy Batchelor 5+1, Lewis Rose 5+1, Carl Wilkinson 3+2, Rory Schlein 3

Tuesday 23rd August 2016
Belle Vue Look To Fans To Decorate The NSS
Barring an unmitigated disaster, the Belle Vue Aces are heading into the end of season play offs for the second year running. The important difference this year is the fact that it will be the first time inside of their new state of the art home at the National Speedway Stadium.

The clubs bosses however feel that there is a key element missing in the push for potential silverware this year and are looking to their fan base for help.

CEO David Gordon said ''We received the keys to the stadium very late in March and with the issues we have faced since the opening meeting, we are still playing catch up in certain areas. We have moved into our new house but we have yet to fully decorate it and turn it into our home''.

The promoters have been inspired by several home made banners adorning some areas of the stadium. ''We have seen several really good banners of support for the Aces and we would like to see lots more.

As we go into the play offs, it would be great to see the entire back and home straights covered with banners of support. It will not only look good, it will let our opponents know they are entering Aces territory''.

With this in mind, the Club is actively encouraging fans to create and produce banners that can be affixed to the front of the home and back straight areas of the stadium. 

There will be a competition set around this with the lucky winners receiving a VIP package for two including hospitality, pit tour and a meeting with their favourite rider.

Club photographers will be scanning the stadium for new flags and these will be featured inside of the programme and the official Belle Vue website. Fans are requested to send in photographs of their banners in situ to 

Wednesday 10th August 2016
Belle Vue 1000 - World Record Attempt
Has your mind ever dared to imagine the feeling of flying around the first turn of the Belle Vue Aces’ magnificent new home, just like Matej Zagar? Or perfecting the perfect cut-back, like Scott Nicholls?

Well, here’s your chance! Not, we hasten to add, at the speeds of our beloved boys in the red, white and black! In fact, at the end of this month we’re throwing open our doors to anyone with a bicycle.

Yes, pedal power takes over from speedway’s signature roar on August Bank Holiday Sunday when cyclists are invited to try some laps of the shale at Manchester’s National Speedway Stadium.
So dust off your mountain bike or dig out your tandem, or indeed any other bike you can lay your hands on, and get yourself down to speedway’s own theatre of dreams and join the fun!

Tapes go up at 11am and the chequered flag falls at 1pm, in between which we hope to establish a new world record and have up to 1000 cyclists taking part on the circuit at one time.

Anything from Balance, BMX, Cycle Speedway, Cyclo Cross, MTB and Road bikes will be joining the fun, some of which will be suitable to take part in our home straight wheelie competition!
This event is free to join and all we ask is that you complete a lap of our 347-metre circuit under your own power, wearing of course your safety helmet!  (To satisfy our health and safety guidelines).

So lads and dads, mums and daughters! Put the date in your diary and shake off those back to school blues. Everyone’s welcome to join in, and there’s even a prize for the most unusual bike too!

You never know, you may even find yourselves rubbing shoulders with a celebrity or two! To register your interest, email or check out our Facebook event and click “attend”.
•         Tapes up at 11:00am
•         No riding on the centre green’s 3G Pitch
•         On-site stadium car parking is available, or where legal on Kirkmanshulme Lane.
•         Meet a Belle Vue Academy rider and see a speedway bike in the pits.
•         If you are planning on staying, bring a padlock for your bike to keep it safe in the pits!
•         Refreshments will be on sale.
•         Venue postcode for Sat Nav: M12 4WB
•         On the day phone number: 0161 223 7720
•         Belle Vue website:
The following day the Belle Vue Aces will take on the Poole Pirates at the National Speedway Stadium in the grudge match of the century, with Heat 1 commencing at 12:00pm.

Wednesday 18th May 2016
Belle Vue Speedway wish to advise that we are processing all ticket refund requests for postponed meetings in date received order as quickly as the process allows, and customers can be assured that all such requests will be honoured.
The Club sincerely thank supporters for their patience and understanding during this process