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Friday 23rd June 2017
Belle Vue 52 Rye House 38
The Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces have won their Premiership meeting against Rye House tonight 52-38

Aces: Troy Batchelor 14+1, Max Fricke 13, Craig Cook 8+1, Dan Bewley 7+1, Rohan Tungate 5+3, Steve Worrall 4+1, Jack Smith 1.

Rockets: Chris Harris 9, Scott Nicholls 9, Ben Barker 6, Robert Branford 5+1, Ellis Perks 4+1, Stuart Robson 3, James Sarjeant 2+1.

Thursday 22nd June 2017
Rockets On Revenge Mission
There’s a grudge match brewing ahead of Rye House’s visit to the National Speedway Stadium on June 23, where they hope to settle the score with Belle Vue after last week's clash down south.
The Rentruck Aces had struggled to gain a foothold for most of the evening and victory looked almost certain for the BMR Rockets - who had only to hang on for a 3-3 in Heat 15 for the win.
But the visitors had other ideas and British Champion Craig Cook and guest Brady Kurtz teamed up for a Belle Vue 5-1 that stole the triumph from right under the home team’s devastated noses.
Since then, the Rentruck Aces have enjoyed resounding success on the road, taking an emphatic 41-49 victory over Leicester while demolishing King’s Lynn 45-48 for the second time in Norfolk.

Craig Cook & Rohan Tungate
Rohan Tungate joins the fray as the club’s new No.4 in place of Justin Sedgmen and is looking to impress on his home debut with a big performance to emulate his bank holiday display.
Troy Batchelor, who impressed on a recent visit to Manchester, deputises for Danish GP wildcard Kenneth Bjerre whilst the the Rockets use Ben Barker in place of double-up rider Ricky Wells.
Now, two weeks after their home draw to Poole, Craig Cook insists his side have rekindled the fiery form that engulfed their early season success, and says they’re ready for a big home win.
He said: “Confidence is one of the key elements to a successful team. We’ve had a good run of form these last few weeks and I want to see that transferred into our performance against Rye House.
“The Rockets are a solid team and from what I’ve seen so far there’s no out-and-out big hitter so much as all their riders regularly scoring consistently, so I’m sure they’ll be tough customers.
“But everybody knows how good we can be at home. Myself and Steve [Worrall] are coming home right off the back of the British Final and we’ve got Rohan Tungate making his debut as well.
“I think he will settle in well. He’s confident around our track and coming in at No.4 will be a more suitable fit for him; we of course thank Justin Sedgmen for all his hard work and I wish him well.
“We have to focus on re-building our momentum at home. Our away form is spot on but we need to start piling in the points in Manchester if we want to make good on our promise to win the league.
BT Sport follow Belle Vue to Poole on June 26 for Premiership action at Wimborne Road, before they return home on June 28 to face King’s Lynn. Tickets on sale at
Belle Vue 'Rentruck' Aces
Troy Batchelor (G), Steve Worrall, Max Fricke, Rohan Tungate, Craig Cook (C), Dan Bewley, Jack Smith
Team Manager: Mark Lemon
Rye House 'BMR' Rockets
Chris Harris, Edward Kennett (C), Ben Barker (G), Stuart Robson, Scott Nicholls (C), Ellis Perks, Robert Branford
Team Manager: Peter Schroeck

Photo - Ian Charles

Thursday 22nd June 2017
Sedgy Makes Way For Tungate
Belle Vue have capitalised on new Green Sheet averages to snap up Australian ace Rohan Tungate who makes his debut for the Rentruck Aces in their home meeting against Rye House.
His arrival is coupled with the departure of outgoing No.4 Justin Sedgmen, which Director of Speedway Mark Lemon admits was not an easy decision but was done in the best interests of the club.
He said: “I thought long and hard about what I was going to do. I was hoping to see Justin step it up with Belle Vue but sadly this is a performance-based sport and he’s been struggling to find the form he's capable of.
“It’s heart-breaking for me because I’ve known Justin all his life and we’re friends but I had to put business first and do what’s best for the team and I really do wish him well going forward.
“The opportunity to bring in Rohan [Tungate] was too good to be true. There were other clubs chasing after him but his fondness for our track was a vital factor behind my decision to bring him to Belle Vue.
“I feel he will fill the No.4 position very well. I think it’s more within his comfort zone and from what we’ve seen of him already in Manchester I think he will fit in with our team dynamic very well.
Tungate began his season with Somerset before being unexpectedly released by the club last month, which he put down to his designation as No.1 stating, “they couldn’t find anyone to do that job.”
He was the cornerstone behind Belle Vue’s bank holiday defeat to the Cases Rebels after putting in a massive 13 points from five rides; a sure sign of his affinity for the National Speedway Stadium.
The 27-year old is delighted to be back in British Speedway’s top flight and is looking forward to resuming his campaign with the Rentruck Aces, and says he’s much more comfortable as a second string rider.
Tungate said: “I’m pretty stoked to be at Belle Vue. It’s a great club with an amazing track and I’m always happy to ride there. There were a few other teams after me but I had to go with my gut feeling.
“I’m really pleased with my decision. Getting dropped by Somerset didn’t lower my confidence or anything. I’m riding well abroad and I know I can come in and do a good job for Mark Lemon in the second string.”

Belle Vue Speedway would like to thank Justin Sedgmen for all of his hard work and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Photos - Ian Charles

Wednesday 21st June 2017
Aces Star In King's Lynn Victory
Another close night at the office for Belle Vue saw them leave King’s Lynn with three well-earned league points after negating a powerful Stars comeback to take a deserved 45-48 victory.
It means the Rentruck Aces now move to within one point of league leaders Wolverhampton ahead of their home clash with Rye House on June 23, where they could reclaim top spot with a win at home.
A deadlocked beginning was broken by a brilliant 5-1 from Justin Sedgmen and Kenneth Bjerre in Heat 3, after which the visiting Mancunians continued to apply pressure to their trailing hosts.
And with a string of subsequent heat advantages they continued to pull further away until King’s Lynn boss, Dale Allitt, was left with no choice but to whip out the black and white helmet in Heat 11.

Kenneth Bjerre
But not even an 8-1 tactical delivered by British U-21 Champ Robert Lambert and Kai Huckenbeck was enough to inspire the Stars to finish the job with just one point in it with one race to go.
Team manager, Mark Lemon, said: “We’re stoked to get the win, obviously but that tactical ride really rocked the ship and it looked like at one point like the wheels were in danger of falling off.
“But the boys responded fantastically despite the pressures of another last-heat decider to come away with the win, and it was vital that we got a good result; they fully deserved it for their efforts.
“Looking at some of their latest results we knew that King’s Lynn were a bit vulnerable and we wanted to capitalise on that but they didn’t make things easy for us; they made us work very hard.
“At this point it’s critical for us to apply pressure at the top of the table because there's six genuine teams that are fighting for those four places, but if we can keep this up we’ll be right up there.”
Newly crowned British Champion Craig Cook hopes to make it a triumphant home coming on Friday, June 23, when Belle Vue face Rye House. Tickets available at
King’s Lynn ’Trucks R’ Us’ Stars 45
Robert Lambert 12+1, Kai Huckenbeck 10+1, Chris Holder 8+1,Troy Batchelor 7+1, Thomas Jorgensen 4, Lewis Rose 3+1, Nathan Greaves 1+1
Belle Vue ’Rentruck’ Aces 48
Kenneth Bjerre 12+1, Craig Cook 10, Justin Sedgmen 10, Steve Worrall 8+1, Dan Bewley 4, Max Fricke 3, Jack Smith 1+1
SGB Premiership Points: King’s Lynn 0 Belle Vue 3

Photo - Ian Charles

Wednesday 21st June 2017
Stars In Their Eyes
The King’s Lynn Stars are Belle Vue’s next Premiership opponent on the road on June 21 and they head to Norfolk riding the crest of a wave following two significant away wins in the last fortnight.

The first they earned at Rye House after a late surge in form snatched the win from right under the Rockets’ noses, while they overcame several absences to reign supreme against Leicester.

And there have been many individual successes throughout the team, most recently with Craig Cook and Steve Worrall finishing 1st and 2nd respectively in the British Final on June 19.

Now the Rentruck Aces will field their full power-packed septet against one of their closest rivals as they bid to close the gap held by leaders Wolverhampton at the top of the table.

Belle Vue’s trio of heat leaders will no doubt form the cornerstone of the visitors’ assault, with Kenneth Bjerre a former Stars rider, and Cook and Max Fricke dominating the GP Qualifiers.

It’s vital, says flying reserve Dan Bewley, that after two successful trips the team continues to apply maximum pressure to their opponents if they are to maintain their rank in the top four.

Dan Bewley

Bewley continued: “This will be our second trip to the Adrian Flux Arena and the last time we went we came away with a win [40-50] but even with our form of late, we can’t be getting carried away.

“King’s Lynn have just signed a new rider [Thomas Jorgensen] which will bolster their strength and they have some pretty big names, like Chris Holder and Troy Batchelor, leading from the front.

“The fact that they’re right behind us in the table will also be a major factor in this meeting because we’re targeting maximum points while they [the Stars] can move second in the table if they win.

“Our form away from home has made other teams pay attention lately though and with the way that Kenneth, Craig and Max have been going, I believe we’ve an equal amount of strength in depth.”

Back in Manchester this Friday, June 23, we welcome home the brand new British No.1 and No.2 Craig Cook and Steve Worrall, who will lead their side into battle against Rye House.

Tickets are available online now at


King’s Lynn ‘Trucks R Us’ Stars
Chris Holder, Lewis Rose, Thomas Jorgensen, Troy Batchelor, Robert Lambert (C), Kai Huckenbeck, Nathan Greaves. Team Manager: Dale Allitt

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces
Max Fricke, Steve Worrall, Kenneth Bjerre, Justin Sedgmen, Craig Cook (C), Dan Bewley, Jack Smith Team Manager: Mark Lemon

Tuesday 20th June 2017
Cook Crowned 2017 British Champion
Belle Vue’s Craig Cook was crowned the 2017 British Champion on emotional night at the National Speedway Stadium where he roared to top of the podium in front of his home crowd.
On top of the honour of his maiden national title, the Rentruck Aces’ skipper has also earned the right to wear the No.16 race jacket in the upcoming British Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff.
The 30-year old was without doubt the crowd favourite and proved it by breezing through his qualifying heats, dropping just one point all night and securing his place in the grand final.
The venue exploded into a cheering frenzy as finalists Cook, Steve Worrall, Rory Schelin and Ben Barker popped out of the gate with the Belle Vue duo leading all the way from start to finish.
An emotional Cook said: “I can’t express the feeling I feel right now, but I want more of it! Things are going so well for me at the moment, with this and the GP Challenge in August. It’s fantastic.
“I’m just loving life, enjoying my speedway and living the dream. I can’t thank the fans enough for all of their phenomenal support, not just tonight but throughout the whole year. They’re amazing.
“I’m an emotional guy and I’m just so happy to know that I can make everybody so proud. But there’s still work to do. I’m working hard and the thing I want most is to succeed in speedway.
“The world championship is the ultimate goal but to be British Champion and win the title on my home track is, I think, just as meaningful, if not more so. I’m so happy and I can’t wait for Cardiff!”
Placing second on the podium behind his skipper was Belle Vue No.2 Steve Worrall, who was delighted with his rostrum finish after coming so painfully close in the 2016 national championship.
Worrall said: “Starting off the meeting I didn’t think it would go as well as it did. I had a little slip up in one of my heats which I thought might cost me later on, but thankfully it didn’t turn out that way.
“It’s interesting actually because before Monday I’d had to sit out of a few meetings with a wrist injury, which turned out to be a broken scaphoid but it honestly didn’t affect me, which was a plus!
“It’s fantastic to make the podium, especially on my home track. In my opinion, there’s no other track in Britain where this meeting should be held. It’s the perfect venue for such a big event.”

Ex-Belle Vue rider, Rory Schlein, was the man to claim third on a night where the Belle Vue Aces reigned supreme at home, after Cook’s equally impressive team mate followed him home.
The newly crowned British Champion Craig Cook next leads his team into battle on Friday June 23, against top flight newcomers Rye House. Tickets are available now at


QUALIFYING SCORERS: Craig Cook 14, Steve Worrall 11, Ben Barker 11, Rory Schlein 10, Danny King 10, Scott Nicholls 10, Richie Worrall 9, Chris Harris 9, Richard Lawson 9, Paul Starke 6, Lewis Kerr 5, Lewis Rose 5, Kyle Howarth 4, Stuart Robson 4, Jason Garrity 3, Carl Wilkinson 0, Jack Smith (res) 0, Andy Mellish (res) 0

SEMI-FINAL: Barker, Schlein, Nicholls, King; GRAND FINAL: Cook, S.Worrall, Schlein, Barker.

Photos - Ian Charles

Monday 19th June 2017
Craig Cook Crowned British Champion
Craig Cook has been crowned the 2017 British Champion and takes the wild card for the British Grand Prix at Cardiff, Steve Worrall finished 2nd with Rory Schlein 3rd & Ben Barker 4th.


1st - Craig Cook
2nd - Steve Worrall
3rd - Rory Schlein
4th - Ben Barker

1st - Ben Barker
2nd - Rory Schlein
3rd - Scott Nicholls
4th - Danny King

Overall scores:

Craig Cook 14, Steve Worrall 11, Ben Barker 11, Scott Nicholls 10, Rory Schlein 10,  Danny King 10, Richie Worrall 9, Richard Lawson 9,  Chris Harris 9, Lewis Kerr 5, Paul Starke 6, Lewis Rose 5, Kyle Howarth 4, Stuart Robson 4, Jason Garrity 3, Carl Wilkinson 0, Jack Smith 0, Andy Mellish 0.

Photo - Ian Charles

Friday 16th June 2017
Access to Track Shop
Starting with tonight's meeting, access to our track shop will be through the outside door next to the ticket office windows.

If you wish to visit the shop, please do so before you enter the stadium.

This will be the arrangement at all meetings, we have made this change to make it easier for fans in the South Stand to access the shop.

Tuesday 28th March 2017
Ticket Office Opening Hours
We are pleased to advise that the Ticket Office is now officially open.

Opening hours:-

Box office at stadium: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - 10am - 4pm
Telephone Sales: 0161 711 0828 - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10am - 4pm

Please note that the Ticket Office and telephone sales will not be open on Mondays and Fridays except for the usual pre race meetings opening times.

Tickets can be purchased online 24/7. Booking fees apply to all telephone sales. NO booking fees for online sales.