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Friday 22nd May 2015
A Friday Vue with....Scott Nicholls
Belle Vue will send two riders into this year’s prestigious British Final on June 15th after captain Scott Nicholls and current British No.2 Craig Cook blitzed their way through Wednesday’s qualifier.

But early reports from King’s Lynn’s Adrian Flux Arena on the night suggested the meeting was in jeopardy of being postponed after heavy rainfall created less than desirable track conditions.

Nicholls, who went on to win the meeting with 11 points, was amongst a group of riders who were deeply concerned about the state of the circuit not two hours before racing was due to commence.

Scott Nicholls  (CS)

He revealed: “The track wasn't in the best of shape and I know for a fact that the vast majority of guys in the first instance didn't want to ride, myself included, because it just didn’t look fit to race.

“You have to give full credit to the track staff though because they continued to work on it and Buster [Chapman] told us he was confident he could prepare it to an acceptable standard.

“I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I still disagreed with him at that point and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to risk it, but I was proven wrong almost as soon as the chequered flag fell on Heat 1.

“I’m not too big to eat my humble pie and I did apologise to him afterwards because actually the track rode very well. It was a bit slick, but we saw some good action and great racing.

“Qualification was my main objective and obviously it felt good to be declared the overall winner on the night, which in hindsight of my earlier feelings was slightly ironic so that was a nice turn around.

“In my last race, I completely missed the start and the other guys popped out in front of me so quickly I don't think there was anyway I could've caught them but it was really close!

“I can’t grumble about one last place though especially as Stefan rode a brilliant four laps in front of me, and I wasn’t about to pull anything just for the sake of getting past him.

“I’m glad the meeting was able to go ahead. I had a good night but now it’s all about the Final in June, getting through my qualifying races there and hopefully having what it takes to win the title.

“There’s no question that I firmly believe I can go all the way this year. I know I've got the skill and  ability but I'm sure there’s quite a few other riders in the line-up thinking the same thing.

“The fact is you don't know how you're going to feel before you get there. I always try to do the best job I can, wherever I am, and the British Final on June 15th will be no exception.”

The club’s Elite Draft Reserves, Steve Worrall and Stefan Nielsen, also competed alongside their Rentruck Aces’ team mates but unfortunately just missed out on qualification by a fraction.

Thursday 21st May 2015
Belle Vue Duo Blitz into British Final
The sense of national pride was palpable in last night’s British Semi-Final at King’s Lynn and of the seven automatic qualification spots up for grabs, the Belle Vue Brits secured two of them.

Unrivalled seven-time British Champion Scott Nicholls and current British No.2 Craig Cook produced a masterclass around the Adrian Flux Arena, cruising through their five opening rides.

Craig Cook & Scott Nicholls in last years British Final  (IC)

The duo met on track only once in a tantalising Heat 20 scrap that saw the former Rentruck Aces’ captain edge out his veteran compatriot, while Stefan Nielsen followed suit to secure third spot.

Both finished their evening with 11 big points in the pot, more than enough to sit them comfortably within the qualification window for Wolverhampton next month.

Nielsen and fellow Elite Draft Reserve Steve Worrall found the going much tougher however, and the latter especially was gutted to just miss out by a point after his evening started so promisingly.

But the calibre of competition on offer really put the youngsters to the test and neither of them came away from their meeting with anything but a very credible tally to his name.

Worrall bagged 8 points on the night for his efforts while Nielsen collected 7, and although they failed to qualify their individual performances proved encouraging for Belle Vue’s league campaign.

The club returns to domestic racing next Friday, May 29th, when they journey to the Arena Essex Raceway to take on the Lakeside Hammers and continue their climb up the Elite League table.

Reaction from the riders will follow later.

Scores - Wednesday, May 20th - British Semi-Final, King’s Lynn

1 Scott Nicholls (Belle Vue) 11
2 Danny King (Coventry /Ipswich) 11 
3 Leigh Lanham (Somerset) 11 
4 Craig Cook 11 (Belle Vue/Edinburgh) 11
5 Kyle Howarth (Swindon/Workington) 11 
6 Tai Woffinden (Unattached) 10 
7 Carl Wilkinson(Scunthorpe) 9

Top seven qualify for British Final at Wolverhampton on Monday, June 15

OTHER SCORERS: Adam Roynon 9, Charles Wright 8, Steve Worrall 8, Stefan Nielsen 7, Simon Lambert 5, Kyle Newman 4, Lewis Rose 2, Robert Lambert 2, Scott Campos 1 (res), James Wright 0, Ryan Kinsley 0 (res).

Saturday 16th May 2015
Swords Crossed - Belle Vue v Poole Preview
After their brilliant recovery against Swindon last week, Belle Vue will come up against even tougher opposition in the form of the Poole Pirates when they visit Manchester on Monday.

The reigning Elite League Champions are hoping to further close the gap between themselves and table-toppers Coventry by taking a full haul back with them to Wimborne Road.

But if there’s one thing we learned from last week’s events against the Robins it’s that you can never count the Rentruck Aces out until the chequered flag drops in that final heat.

Maciej Janowski & Scott Nicholls ahead of Craig Cook & Przemyslaw Pawlicki last season  (IC)

It will be interesting to see how skipper Maciej Janowski is faring with the knee injury that has been plaguing him, especially as it’s seen him ruled out of at least four of the Pirates’s recent matches.

Also back from injury is veteran Aussie Davey Watt. The 37-year old was gutted after a track crash in Poland left him with a broken foot and ligament damage, injuries that sidelined him for weeks.

Pirates asset Josh Grajczonek did a sterling job covering for his fellow countryman but now he lines up as a heat leader for the opposition in what is sure to be a high-octane battle.

Team manager Mark Lemon, a former Poole rider himself, says he “anticipates a close match” from Neil Middleditch’s squad but that his team are more than capable of countering their attack.

He said: “Poole will definitely come on strong, I've no doubt about it, but what I don’t want is for the boys to get distracted by their game plan. We need to concentrate on what we’ll deliver on the day.

“The Pirates have produced some good performances away from Dorset recently but we want to keep up our winning streak at home, and to do that we need to stop them dead in their tracks.

“Bringing Magic back into the side will definitely be a huge boost for them. He’s the captain of their team and it’s important for them to have that moral support.

“Knee injuries are horrible and I can sympathise with him, having more or less carried a knee injury my whole career, but I certainly don’t envy him!

“But thats the nature of the beast, speedway riders are tough and I'm sure Matt [Ford] will be monitoring his performance over the weekend in the Finnish GP and in Poland on Sunday.

“What we can’t afford is a slow start against these guys. It’s taken the boys a few heats to get going in our last couple of matches and that’s something which needs to be addressed.

“A strong beginning makes things far easier at the tail end of the meeting and really the boys should be enjoying their heat fifteen rather than looking at it as a chore.”

Teams - Monday, May 18th

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces
Matej Zagar; Max Fricke; Josh Grajczonek; Craig Cook; Scott Nicholls (C); Steve Worrall; Stefan Nielsen

Poole ‘Readypower’ Pirates
Davey Watt; Chris Holder; Dakota North; Kacper Gomolski; Maciej Janowski (C); Paul Starke; Kyle Newman

Monday 11th May 2015
Grand Opening Meeting Packages

We now have full details of our hospitality and accommodation packages for the National Speedway Stadium Grand Opening Meeting....
Hospitality Packages
Fine Dining Premium Package:
Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal in the Peter Craven Suite before heading out to your premium seat in the grandstand ready for the meeting! 
Individual and block bookings are still available with prices starting at £65 per person and £60 per concession, or £600 for a full table of ten.
Already have your ticket? Upgrade for just £40 and add a dash of luxury to your day!
Trackside View Package:
Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal in the Peter Craven Suite while the stunning panoramic view of the action keeps you entertained!
Block bookings are available with prices starting at £65 per person or £390 for a full table of six.
Don’t delay though speedway fans! These packages are in short supply so book now and avoid disappointment! Full payment required at the time of booking.
Accommodation Packages
The Weekender Package
Make it a weekend to remember by taking advantage of our exclusive two-night accommodation package that puts you but a stone’s throw from the National Speedway Stadium!
From just £147 per person, including breakfast, you’ll be staying at the cosy Diamond Lodge that sits less than half a mile away from the stadium!
One Night Only Package
Prefer just the one night? No problem! From just £75 per person, including breakfast, you’ll be staying at the cosy Diamond Lodge that sits just a short walk from the stadium!
Prices for single-night accommodation are as follows:

Friday March 18th 2016:  £75 per person
Saturday March 19th 2016: £82 per person
The Diamond Lodge is fully equipped to cater for a broad spectrum of guests, including families and disabled customers. Ground floor rooms are available for the latter.
All rooms are ensuite and children 0-14 years old sharing with an adult will be £18 per night. All prices include bed & breakfast, and free on-site parking, as standard.

For bookings & information, contact us at or call 0161 223 7720
Bookings subject to availability.

Monday 27th April 2015
Grand Opening Meeting Tickets
The countdown to the biggest meeting in British Speedway is on as Belle Vue starts to gear up for the grand opening of the National Speedway Stadium on March 19th 2016.

The Peter Craven Memorial Trophy makes a triumphant return to the club’s fixture list with some of the sport’s biggest names scheduled to star in the flagship event.

Tickets for this highly anticipated event are expected to sell like hot cakes when they go on sale tomorrow at 8am sharp and fans are encouraged not to delay securing their place in history.

To book your tickets go to, call 0161 223 7720 or stop by the Belle Vue Speedway site office on Pink Bank Lane in Gorton.

Adult  £20
Concession* £16
Child*** £8
Under 12 FREE

Adult £25
Concession* £20
Family** £80

Private boxes and track-side dining in the Peter Craven Suite are available within our exclusive hospitality packages, while accommodation packages are also available for travelling fans.

For more details, contact us at or call 0161 223 7720.

Due to limited availability grandstand seating, hospitality and accommodation packages will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis so book early to avoid disappointment.

Fans may pay by card, cash or a cheque made payable to Belle Vue speedway Ltd.

Be There… Be Involved… Make History…

* State Retirement Age; Disabled Customers; Disabled Customer’s Carer; Students In Full-Time Education; Child 0-16 (Grandstand Only). Proof of Eligibility Required. ** 2 Adults + 2 Children. *** 12-16 Years Old

Thursday 23rd April 2015
Fixtures Poster
We now have a downloadable fixtures poster for anyone to print off and use as an advert for Belle Vue Speedway. 

If you have anywhere that you can display a poster please feel free to print off copies and help to promote the Aces.

Click here to get the printable pdf copy of the poster